Women Dominance in Voodoo

March 23rd, 2009

Since the beginning of Voodoo in Louisiana, the power of the matriarch has always been prevalent. The king had never been anything more than a minor and insignificant figure. In actuality, the queen was the main focus point, and the only males that were important were the witch doctors. The king would be changed from year to year and was most likely the lover of the current queen. Women themselves made up 80 percent of the Voodoo practitioners, and it was always females of the white race who joined the sect. When white men were present at any Voodoo rituals or meetings it was for the yellow women and not the belief of the the power of Voodoo. Just about all of the Voodoo songs were about the queens, and no one else.

The white people who would go to Congo Square on Sunday afternoons would hear these songs and laugh at them. They thought everything was a joke and never believed anything about it. The only thing this was to the white people was Slave foolishness. They had no idea as to what was really going on.

(Source: Tallant, Robert. Voodoo in New Orleans. 1994)

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