Who is your Guardian Angel?

They protect us in our darkest hours, through good times and bad. They are always there, watching over you as you sleep or even walking down the street. You cannot see them, although some people say that they have, and their power is so strong that makes them God’s second-in-command. Living life on Earth has its difficult times, and in those very difficult situations, we must always remember that we are never alone. It can be difficult to imagine that when we see no physical being around us, but we must always remember that there are those that are watching among us, some who have powers stronger than we can imagine.

In my opinion, don’t let the profiteers get to you, just trying to sell you information to make a quick buck. You don’t need a book or spend any of your hard-earned money finding out stuff that you already know. Us humans, we are all on the same boat, not one individual is above us or knows something about the universe or our existence that someone else doesn’t know. Have you ever bought a book that had a great title promising you that you will find yourself or God and you search through all the fluff and come to realize that you haven’t found anything at all? Don’t make that mistake when you have everything you need right in front of you.

I have found an interesting site that you should take a look at, with the title, Who is my guardian angel?. It is a very good website which tells you which guardian angel protects you based on the day of the week that you were born. Is this information correct? Who knows. Only God does, but it is interesting. I’m not here to tell you that I have met with a guardian angel because I haven’t, I’ll admit that, but I know where you can find some information that is free that could take you one step closer into finding yourself and those that protect you. Check out this interesting article from About.com titled, “Do You Have a Guardian Angel?” Of course, I might add in that one of the best resources for information is of course Wikipedia.org which collects sources from around the Internet, here is it’s article titled, “Guardian angel“. I will be collecting some more information for you in further articles.

The fact of the matter is that whenever we avoid getting into an accident or somehow have been part in a “miracle”, between me and you, we aren’t that good at avoiding mistakes. There has to be powerful entities over us protecting us and making sure we continue on with our lives. In my opinion, I believe that is the only form of proof we may have for the existence of these angels. God bless them!

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