Waitomo Caves Hotel

The Waitomo Caves are located in North Island, New Zealand, and are famous around the world for the creatures called Arachnocampa luminosa, or glowworms. What makes these glowworms so unique and special is that during their larval stage, they glow a fluorescent green. As visitors go inside the cave, above their heads looks like a brilliant night sky, but in reality its thousands of these glowworms attached to the ceiling of the cave. Above the caves is a beautiful Victorian building that is home to the Waitomo Caves Hotel. The hotel was originally called the Government Hostel at Waitomo.

The hotel was first built in 1908, and was renovated just 20 years later in 1928 due to the significant increase in popularity. The building is famous for its unique style of New Zealand Victorian. The visitors that stay here come for the glowworms and the views, but there is also another attraction that the Waitomo Caves Hotel has to offer its guests. Hotel staff and guests have reported a ghost that likes to play tricks on them. Shoes are moved around the room and items are sometimes seen hanging from the doorknob. One ghost story stands out in room 12 B.

A female was staying there with her brother one night and she dropped her makeup powder on the floor. When she turned around to clean up the mess, she found a human footprint in it that was not hers or her brother’s. They also noticed as they walked down the hall to their room that the order of numbers for the rooms went as follows: 10, 11, 12A, 12B, 13, 14. This showed that they were actually staying in room number 13, which is seen by most as a superstitiously bad sign. Other reports are of apparitions being seen in the dining room, along with an uneasy feeling in the atmosphere.

(Source: Belanger, Jeff. Encyclopedia of Haunted Places. 2005.)

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