Very Scary Paranormal Creatures

September 10th, 2009

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  1. D
    October 26th, 2009 at 20:38 | #1

    I made an oath not to speak of this but on the clip 0.27 seconds it shows an being quite darkish in colour large skull and clawed hands and feet. Now in the year 2008 i was training for the Terriortual Army in the UK and experienced this paranormal creature in real-life in the barracks i was staying in the early hours of a thursday morning roughly around 05:30hrs as it was sunny and bright outside as this was in the summer of July and infront of me where i layed on the second bed of the bunker beds was this giant creature id say between 7-9ft tall very dark black in texture of its skin, it had no top on but only trousers it had a very large muscular chest almost as wide as the door in my house just to give you an idea of what its face looked like if you’ve ever seen alien vs predator film it looked near enough identical of the predator’s mouth it had gnashing razor sharp teeth and at least a dozen of them. It stood very still and starred right at me with its yellow firey eyes. to my attention it was not there to harm me but merely trying to make contact. Later on that week i realise i did not imagine it as i kept quiet nearly all week but to my suspicion i had to ask the others in that room if they had seen anything unusual and for saying half the lads were athiests what they had said they saw was the scariest thing and made it clear its the last time they would want to see that being again.
    Its not my first experience with this being, however it is my first experience of seeing this being in clear detail in broad daylight whilst everybody else slept.
    I still to this day want to know if this is the fourth dimensional being, as it did not communicate by vocal but merely telepathically.