Vampires: Off The Big Screen


If you are a movie buff or have seen a lot of movies before, I’m sure you have come across one about vampires. A standard definition of a vampire is “a mythological or folkloric being who subsist by feeding on the life essence (generally in the form of blood) of living creatures. Although typically described as undead, a vampire could be a living person.” Dracula is probably the most popular depiction of a vampire out there today. Now, our whole lives, we have thought that “vampires” are merely mythical and fictional people, but as you will see from reading this article, vampires do exist.

Does the word “Porphyria” mean anything to you? It is a medical term for a disorder which is said to give the roots for vampire and werewolf folklore and mythology. To read more about Porphyria, or “The Vampire Disease”, check out’s article “Porphyria“. Traces of Porphyria have been found almost in all nations and continents around the Globe. In fact, there is even “The American Porphyria Foundation” which tries to improve the health and help the victims and their families of any problems that they may face due to their disorder. The best way to explain this type of disorder is by showing you an interesting video clip from those people who suffer it and how this disorder can harm the society we live in:

The people suffering from this disorder should not be treated like outcasts. Like always, there are those who are good and those who are bad. Those who are good should not be outcasts and shunned from society due to their disorder. They are living beings, just like us.

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