The Thomas House Hotel

December 15th, 2008

The Thomas House Hotel is located in Red Boiling Springs, Tennessee. In the mid 1800s, word spread across the country that this small town had mineral waters that contained medicinal qualities. After this, this small town turned into a thriving community. It was perhaps best known for its luxurious hotels and bathhouses, which among the notables of famous people included President Woodrow Wilson who would spend his summers there. In the middle of all of this was the Cloyd Hotel which was built around 1890 by Henry Cloyd. This summer destination hot spot ended after World War II.

As time went on, many of the hotels closed and now only three of the originals remain. The Thomas family now own and operate the Cloyd hotel that they re-named the Thomas House Hotel. The hotel has had a great history of tragedy, including two fires. There are many spirits in the hotel inlcuding a former cook who still stays in the room he once lived in, a whistling man who walks the halls during the day, and another gentleman who stays by the front desk where guests check in. The last ghost is that of a little girl who died at the hotel when she was brought to the town for the healing waters. She is believed to run around the halls and knock on doors as she passes them to confuse the guests.

(Source: Belanger, Jeff. Encyclopedia of Haunted Places. 2005.)

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