The Queens Head Hotel

March 15th, 2009

The Queens Head Hotel is located in Leicestershire, England, and is an historic 17th century three-story coaching inn. The ground floor is made up of the night club area where there has been many reports of paranormal activity. The staff of the hotel have reported seeing the sight of a tall and dark man with an imposing presence. He is perceived to be just another visitor at first, but when no one is around he has been witnessed by many to simply disappear into thin air. The presence of this spirit makes everyone who is around very uneasy, as if they are with an evil spirit.

Strange voices could also be heard when no one is around. Spirits of children have been reported to be seen inside the hotel as well. These spirits appear as if they are afraid of this man, as he is the one controlling them in the atmosphere of the hotel. A paranormal research team who were doing an investigation of the hotel placed a 20-pence coin on its side on the bar and asked if anyone could cause it to fall. Surely enough, the coin fell almost immediately. There were many orbs visible there when this phenomenon occurred.

The upstairs bar seems to appear misty at times, as if people were sitting there smoking, but when in reality no one is there. Smells also come and go at random times. One of the members of the paranormal research team that was doing the investigation was touched in the arm by an unseen entity. The spirit of a child was seen sitting on the stair well wearing a gray school uniform, not too long after this happened. The spirit of this child was asked to come forward, and as a result a footstep was heard. When they reviewed one of the camera monitors that was set up in an upstairs rooms, the camera goes blank as if someone, (or something) walked in front of it.

(Source: Belanger, Jeff. Encyclopedia of Haunted Places. 2005.)

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