The Priory of Scion

March 31st, 2009

The Priory of Scion protects the descendants of Aaron, David and Jesus’ blood line. These blood lines are known as the messianic lineages The Priory is believed to be leading these lineages to an age where they will bring forth the Messiah that will establish God’s kingdom on Earth. Recent theorists have said that this may occur in 2012, which will bring forth a renewed awakenign to mankind. The Priory is said to secretly help and protect members of these families and works to keep them in the public eye, and in positions of power and influence. The Priory of Scion is not afiliated with any religion, though its members do belive in a supreme being.

The origins of this organization that would become the Priory of Scion is shrouded in somewhat of a mystery. Yet the basic orginis of this fraternity of people can be traced back to the  Ormesius, an Egyptian priest,  who lived in the first century. In 46 AD, he and a few of his followers were converted to a form of Christianity by one of Jesus’ disciples and a future Gospel writer, Saint Mark. Ormesius formed a secret group which put together the teachings of Christianity with the teachings about the messianic lineages. Ormesius used the symbol of a cross surmounted by a rose, to signify the connection of the new and old religions.

In 1070, a group of  monks from the Ormus society arrived in Orval, which is present day Belgium, under the leadership of Prince Ursus. In Orval, the monk  founded a monastery and received education in Scionite matters. They called themselves the “Priory of Scion,” referring to the Scions they would come to serve. The main purpose of the Priory of Sion was to become an independent organization, outside the control of the main Chrisitan church. Many historical figures are believed to have been a part of this organization such as Sir Issac Newton and Leonard Da Vinci.

This story was used as a back-drop for Dan Brown’s acclaimed best-seller The Da Vinci Code, and the film made from the novel.

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