The Mysteries of Sedona

October 14th, 2008

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Sedona, Arizona is believed to be one of the most amazing places in the world. There is a unique spiritual energy believed to be here that is felt rarely anywhere else. People who visit seem to have similar feelings to that of when visiting other areas including Machu Picchu and Stonehenge. The area is famous for the red sandstone formations that grace the entire city. These red rock formations are unlike anything ever seen anywhere on earth. It is believed to be a hotbed for spiritual energy and paranormal occurrences through vortices. These vortices are an enhanced energy location that make it easier to pray and meditate. This is why the area is believed to be attracted by the spiritual world. The walls are said to be thin between the real world and spiritual world.

In one instance, a man was standing on the root of a Sycamore tree when an energy shot up his leg into the spine and to the head. People have claimed to see spirits, and hear or feel things that are not of this world. Currently, there is no way to measure scientific vortex energy, yet this does not deter people in believing this mysterious power of the land. UFO and alien activity is also believed to be present in the area. There are many websites that contain information on humans being in contact with a race of aliens who use Sedona as a portal. People have even claimed to have pictures of the aliens using these portals.

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