The Legend of Mount Shasta

September 15th, 2008

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Mount Shasta is a beautiful mountain that is regarded as a Native American sacred site in California. Mount Shasta’s legend is intertwined with the legend of Lemuria. Lemuria was supposedly the lost continent that was in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and sunk typical to that of the story of Atlantis. It was home to an advanced civilization and when the continent was flooding the people escaped through underground volcanic tunnels and ended up at Mount Shasta. Once at Mount Shasta, they established a huge underground society.

People have reported seeing signs of the ancient Lemurians such as skeletons, and strange types of hieroglyphics. In the 1930s, Guy and Edna Ballard formed a cult called I AM because when Guy was hiking on the mountain, he claimed that he met a Lemurian from the 18th century who had discovered the secret to eternal life. At the peak of the I AM, there were thousands of followers and they would all meet at the mountain annually. Also, some people think that there is a giant UFO base under the mountain.

(Source: Cohen, Daniel. Hauntings and Horrors. 2002)

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