The Jerome Grand Hotel

December 24th, 2008

The United Verde Hospital was opened in 1927 by the Phelps Dodge Mining Corporation in Jerome, Arizona. The Mission-style building is 30,000 square feet made of thick poured concrete. It is located atop mile-high Cleopatra Hill. By 1930, the hospital was believed to be the most exclusive in all of the state of Arizona.

However, times would change, and mining diminished causing the hospital to close by 1950. For 44 years after this, everything remained exactly the same inside the building. The building was actually believed to be haunted even during the time it was a hospital, but while it was inactive the belief grew.

People visiting the building would hear the groans of the elevator moving even though in reality it wasn’t. In 1994, the Altherr family bought the building and started a restoration process. Currently, the Jerome Grand Hotel is the main spot light from the town of Jerome and is the main place of hauntings for a town that is riddled with ghosts. The ghost of Claude Harvey is one such ghost. Harvey was a handyman who was murdered in 1935. His head was found beneath the elevator to simulate a suicide. Most people believe his ghost is still here because he wants to clear his name.

Harvey’s ghost is very active and noisy, conducting in poltergeist activity. There are many other ghosts within the walls of the hotel. Screams have been heard, as well as whispers, and the sounds of gurney wheels squeaking down the hall. Apparitions have seen all over the building, most particularly on the 3rd and 4th floors. The most seen ghost is that of an old nurse. One room on one of the upper floors is haunted by the spirit of someone who hung himself from a heating pipe. Cold spots are felt in various areas in the building and footsteps are often heard going up and down the steps when no one is around. One experience of a visitor consisted of a ghost whispering his name into his ear and then he fled from the room.

(Source: Belanger, Jeff. Encyclopedia of Haunted Places. 2005.)

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    What a place. We had so much fun. The hotel is like stepping back in time. If historic places or just a one of a kind experience is what u like then Jerome Grand Hotel is the place. The ghost tour we went on was excellent. The tour guide was very knowledgable and the staff was very friendly. I highly recommend the balcony rooms which gave us breath taking veiws of Jerome. All around just an awesome stay and we will be back soon. Thanks Jerome Grand Hotel

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