The Ghosts of Blood Run

September 16th, 2008

The famous dueling field in Bladensburg, Maryland was the site of around 50 deaths over about 2 centuries. The creek that runs through the sites name was given Blood Run but presently it has been renamed Eastern Branch. One of the most famous duels was the death of naval hero Stephen Decatur in 1820. He was wounded on the field and died a few days later at his home in Washington, D.C. due to his injuries. People are believed to have seen his ghost at both his house and Blood Run.

Colonel John McCarty is another ghost that has been seen at Blood Run. Ironically, he killed a man in a duel there, but his guilty soul has never left the place. He reportedly lost his mind for the rest of his life following the duel. Francis Scott Key wrote the national anthem and his son Daniel Key was also killed in a duel. His spirit has been seen around Blood Run as well. Finally, Representative Jonathan Cilley of Maine was killed by the Congressman of Kentucky, and his ghost is spotted around the area of Blood Run.

(Source: Cohen, Daniel. Hauntings and Horrors. 2002.)

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