The Different Types of Ghosts

October 10th, 2008

There appears to be three different types of ghosts that exist in the world today. I will list each type and a description below:

1) Past-Life Ghosts – These type of ghosts are the ones that appear to be the largest in number today. These are the types of ghosts that cause the most encounters today. You can see them with their full body or even half. You can smell odors, experience moving of objects, and even flickering of lights. They do this to either scare us on purpose (being jokesters) or to give us signs or messages.

2) Historical/Tragic Event Ghosts – These ghosts are the ones whose spirits seemed to live on through tragic events such as wars and battles. They do not appear to make contact with you but sort of make a video loop. You can hear the gunfire, battle sounds, etc. in the same location where the event took place.

3) Demonic Spirits – These are the types of spirits that are non-human and can cause harm. It is mentioned in the Bible and a lot of ghost hunters have been dealing with them for years. These are the types of spirits that are dealt with when you play with Ouija boards, satanic worship, and dark magic.

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