Revelation about Aliens

For more than sixty years, the urban legend that governments across the world are covering up evidence about UFOs has been getting more and more attention. Is there any truth to it? Former Astronaut Edgar Mitchell recently was interviewed by multiple news organizations. He mentioned that the Roswell incident was a cover-up by the United States Government and that aliens truly are real. As usual, the American media basically laughed at the factors and just decided to forget the story. They would rather makeĀ  up fabrications about former President Bush. Why is it that no one in the major fields of media or government is taking interest in this phenomenon?

We have many facts to back up the argument. Even the ancient Egyptians and Greeks believed and wrote about beings from other worlds. Even the Bible mentions them! You would think all the Evangelical Christians would want that shown to all since they love the Bible so much. But the fact remains that people are basically ignorant. They like to just buy stuff and worry about mundane things rather than consider the fact that we are not alone in the universe.

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  1. June 9th, 2009 at 09:34 | #1

    The movie has been debunked. It was made by Ray Santilli. Raspberry jam was one of the gimmicks he used. He insists though that he saw the original footage, and was able (?) to use a few frames for his reconstruction film. It’s funny that on one of the alleged Roswell crash site photographs, the same alien can be seen, lying dead on the ground (on another one the corpse has gone and two military men are crouched in the foreground). Photoshopped? One may wonder how authentic these pictures are in the first place.
    Here the exterior Roswell photo: