North Head Quarantine Station

February 21st, 2009

The North Head Quarantine Station is located in New South Wales, Australia, and is the longest surviving and oldest station of its kind. The North Head Quarantine station was in full operation from 1828 to 1984. The construction of the station was made to quarantine all of the diseases that people would bring over as they entered Sydney Harbor. These diseases included cholera, smallpox, and the bubonic plague. The vessels that were coming into the harbor contained early immigrants and goods. The immigrants that were on board vessels thought to carry infection were put into the quarantine.

The people that were put into the quarantine were only released until they were declared healthy. However, hundreds would never make it out of the quarantine, that is alive. This is the sole reason as to why this site is incredibly haunted to this day. The North Head Quarantine Station has so many apparitions on site that it is quite amazing. Every building and open area on the site is believed to be haunted by at least one apparition each. Visitors have reported seeing apparitions walking in front of their cars as they leave the site at night, as they are driving down North Head Scenic Drive.

Some of the paranormal experiences seen are: lights turning themselves on and off in locked buildings, strange sounds and footsteps coming from the verandas, and the feeling of being touched by an unseen force. There are two appairitons that are most common among all of them. The first apparition is in the form of a Chinese man dressed in his native clothes. He is usually seen by the Asiatic quarters. The second apparition is that of a young girl, dressed in white with pigtails in her hair. This ghost is less observed, but most people who see her mistake her for a real girl at first.

In an unfortunate series of events, a few buildings on the site were destroyed by fire in 2001. One of the buildings was the station’s original hospital. The apparitions seen here before the fire were either laying in the hospital beds, or wondering around the wards. There are plans in the future to reconstruct this building because of its historic importance, and of course, its haunted history as well. There is a corrugated-iron structure on the site that houses the station’s shower block. Paranormal events here include: doors slamming shut, lights turning on and off, bangs against the walls, and the sounds of footsteps.

(Source: Belanger, Jeff. Encyclopedia of Haunted Places. 2005.)

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  1. Tracey D
    March 11th, 2009 at 01:46 | #1

    Yes, this place is very haunted. Investigated here many times over the years. Personally I have experienced shadow figures, strange lights in and on buildings, stones being thrown near us on 3 occasions, heard footsteps on third class area veranda, seen an orb with the naked eye downstairs in this building, gained evp in this building, numerous anomaly photos,have experienced different feelings like being drunk on the track leading to third class and a heaviness in the legs like lead in the same area. Also aquired symptoms of nausea and sweating in the hospital area and sudden onset of a headache, almost like an illness.We have witnessed a heavy door be slammed shut in the hospital with no wind or anyone near the door and obtained evp of a small child giggling in the hospital.Obtained evp also down in front of the showerblock.

  2. Chris
    March 13th, 2009 at 02:02 | #2

    Those are some pretty wild experiences! Do you investigate for a research group?

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