Murder of a President

October 4th, 2008

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Whenever the name John Wilkes Booth is said or heard, our instant reaction is one of anger and horror. This one man was responsible for one the most infamous assassinations in American history. President Abraham Lincoln was murdered by Booth after leading the Union through the most turbulent period of the time: the Civil War.

When Booth was young, he had his palm read by a psychic. She predicted that he would have a grim future ahead of him. He would have a nice life for some time and then meet a grim-end. This prediction was shown to his family and talked about for many years after his death.

Booth was a Confederate sympathizer, who felt Lincoln was not a good leader. This hatred of the President eventually caused him to develop a conspiracy to kidnap Lincoln and ultimately use his life as ransom. This plot did not come to fruition. Soon, Booth became completely fed-up with the President, and planned to assassinate him.¬†After a show at Ford’s Theater,¬†Booth snuck into the President’s seating area and shot Lincoln in the back of the head.

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