Motley Crue and Satanism

Motley Crue is one of biggest Glam Metal bands of the 1980s. They sold millions of albums world-wide and are the epitome of Sex, Drugs, and Rock & Roll. But they were mired in controversy almost from the start of their musical career. The four band members named Nikki Sixx, Mick Mars, Vince Neil, and Tommy Lee were known drug-users and alcohol abusers. Their music set the scene for countless of young kids needing a release from their everyday life. Religious groups nation-wide had a deep hatred for the music of these four dark-clothed musicians. Born-Again Christians considered the group to be satanic and called their music the work of the devil. This was mainly due to the title of the Motley Crue album, Shout at the Devil.

The four rock-stars have constantly refuted statements of them being satanic or anti-religious. In fact, they may be the only band to give back much of their fortune to charities around the world. Yet, for all their success, religious groups still frown upon the band’s image because it did not reflect the normality of the American culture. This may be the reason why Motley Crue recieved so much mainstream attention. They went against the established order and constantly challenged the image of the average musician that had been set with bands in the past like The Beatles and Led Zeppelin.

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