Laurel Glen Mausoleum and Bowman House

October 31st, 2008

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On Route 103 in Cuttingsville, Vermont you can see the Laurel Glen Mausoleum. People have seen a man crouching before the door to the mausoleum with a wreath and key in one hand and a top hat in the other. The person seems melancholy and appears to be waiting for someone to walk out of the door. This man is not a ghost but the statue of John P. Bowman, who is buried in the vault along with the rest of his family. This statue was built in 1881 when he had it built for the chamber after the passing of his wife and two daughters. There is a life size statue of his daughter Addie in the vault itself.

It was built by 25 sculptors, celebrating the memory of Bowman’s infant daughter who died. Then his wife and daughter were tragically killed within seven months of each other in 1881. Ten years later, Bowman passed as well. Since then, strange things have been reported from around the mausoleum. Most of these occurrences happen at night, but the Bowman house across the street is even more strange.

The Bowman house is believed to be haunted by the entire family. An apparition of a woman has been seen by many visitors on numerous occasions. One time a little girl came in and stuck her tongue out at a painting. This resulted in the painting flying off the wall right to the girl. The house was vacant for many years until a lady recently bought it. She has claimed to witness every member of the Bowman family around the house. She built a special room so she can stay in there at night and not have to go anywhere else in the house for fear of these spirits.

(Source: Belanger, Jeff. Encyclopedia of Haunted Places. 2005.)

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