Is there a merciful God?

Humans have always believed that there must be a higher power that controls the universe. Many religions around the world recognize this supreme power as a figure known as God, Allah, Yahweh, and many other names. But is this God a merciful being? Does he show remorse? Does he care about us? If you believe that God had a place in human history than you have to agree he might not have been such a nice guy. Millions of people all over the earth were killed due to God’s supposed advice.

The Jewish Old Testament is filled with stories of God constantly letting his people endure torture and killing thousands of random groups of people. Now one could just say that these are just stories and the real God is not a mean being. Well, if you are to believe that God is truly there and runs the universe, than you must agree that he can do whatever he wants. So it is very likely that even though this being created us, he can sometimes choose to destroy people as he has supposedly done so many times throughout our history.

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  1. Lauren
    July 25th, 2010 at 23:47 | #1

    wow. there is so many things on these pages that are totally fake and stupid. God is a merciful God , and he can save you too. Its not that he lets us do these things. He is not gonna control everything we do. We are supposed to love him and do what he commands, but what good is love if it is a forced love? You have a choice to do good or bad, and all the evil in the world ? know what i’m talking about? yeah, that would be by CHOICE. You cannot. CANNOT. love anyone if its forced. i mean. seriously? what kind of stupid love would that be? The devil tempts us, and our God gives us a choice. its not like he’s letting you do bad things, he’s just not gonna force you to love him or force you to do the right thing.

  2. Joe
    April 24th, 2011 at 01:46 | #2

    Oh horse manure.
    So the “Merciful” All Powerful God Creator of the Universe allows children to be sold into sexual slavery to test whether or not my love is forced?. Always love the rationalizations. And we endure this type of psychopathic behavior in a deity so that we can spend eternity on our knees? That we were put here simply to worship Him/Her?
    Who would worship something so shallow and cruel.
    You can have it.

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