Houghton Mansion

October 24th, 2008

Photo taken from hougton-mansion.com

The Houghton Mansion was built in the deep scenic environment of North Adams, Massachusetts. It has been the home of the former mayor of North Adams and the wealthy patriarch Albert Houghton. Even though it is a beautiful estate, is it full of sadness and tragedy. This is due to the events that took place on a summer day in 1911.

On that tragic day, John Widders was the family chauffeur and was driving the family in their car. Upon reaching a construction site, he was forced to go around them on the shoulder. When the car went onto the shoulder, it gave way and the car tumbled down the side of the mountain where the road is. Sybil Hutton was in the car and was a valued family friend. He was crushed and pronounced dead at the scene. Albert’s daughter Mary was badly injured and taken to the hospital from the scene of the accident.

John and Albert only had minor injuries and were released from the hospital shortly after the accident. However, Mary died not too long after being placed in the hospital, unable to recover from the massive trauma to her body. John could never forgive himself for what had happened so he went to the back of the barn and put a bullet to his head. Albert never recovered from this either and died soon after John.

The mansion is now owned by the Masons who have reported ghost sightings on the property. Knocking and footsteps are heard through the house but no one is ever there. Lights flicker on their own, with cold spots in select areas. A girl’s voice is also heard echoing through the halls on random nights. Shadows seem to appear in the corner of the eyes of anyone who walks in the mansion, and pictures taken often reveal orbs. It seems as if the spirits of Mary, John, and Albert never left the place they once called home.

(Source: Belanger, Jeff. Encyclopedia of Haunted Places. 2005.)

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