Hitler and Catholics

March 26th, 2009

Hitler is the worst mass-murderer of the last century. He killed over 6 million Jews, poles, and gypsies. But an interest fact to note is that Hitler never seemed to go after Catholic priests or citizens for the most part. Some have theorized that Hitler may have been a devout Catholic during his time as the dictator of Nazi Germany. Unlike many of his fellows Nazis, Hitler was not interested in the occult and considered it utterly ridiculous. He had a deep respect for priests and the organization of the Catholic church. It is claimed that he would regularly meet with priests talking about how he might supposedly lead Germany to a greater prosperity.

The most controversial move was that when Hitler and Italy became allies, the Pope was left totally alone. Hitler had been seen by the world as an anti-religious dictator with no regard for human life. But this was not so. He admired the Pope and even spoke to him on a few occasions. The Allies were hoping that maybe the Pope could do something about Hitler. The hope was that the Pope would ex-communicate Hitler and claim that he was a ruthless man. This did not happen. The Pope was said to even agree with Hitler’s policies on the Jews. Pope Pius XII never, during the entire Holocaust, condemned Hitlers actions. So many theories about whether or not Hitler was in league with the Pope have been around for so many years. We may never know the full truth.

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