Halloween in Mexico

October 21st, 2008

Halloween is relatively new in Mexico. It was first celebrated in roughly 1960. Like with the United Kingdom, America’s cultural influence was the cause of this massive surge in celebration. They perform the same traditions that is used in the U.S. such as costuming children and going trick-or-treating. One big difference between Mexico and other countries that celebrate this holiday is that there rarely is vandalizing to houses that do not provide the trick-or-treaters with treats.

Halloween-themed parties take place whenever there is free time, even if its not on the day of Halloween. Instead of saying trick-or-treat at the door, in Mexico, they say “¡Noche de Brujas , Halloween!” (‘Witches’ Night-Halloween!’). Halloween in Mexico begins three days of consecutive holidays, as it is followed by All Saints Day which marks the beginning of the two-day celebration of the Day of the Dead or in Mexico, Día de los Muertos.

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