Fremantle Arts Centre and History Museum

February 20th, 2009

The Fremantle Arts Centre and History Museum is located in the town of Fremantle in Western Australia. The building that the centre and museum calls home was originally constructed in the 1960s by convict labor. The original purpose of the construction of the building was for it to serve as the first insane asylum in Western Australia. For 40 years, it would serve this purpose, until the building was condemned due to the death of an inmate under mysterious circumstances.

In 1909, the building became active again, but this time as a shelter for homeless women. This would last until World War II began, when the building then served as the headquarters for the American Forces. After the years of the World War II era, the building was laid in near ruins. It was then completely restored in 1970, and began its current function as the Fremantle Arts Centre and History Museum. Although through its history the building has held many different uses, it is believed that the time it spent as a lunatic asylum has had the biggest impact on the buildings history of hauntings.

The staff of the Fremantle Arts Centre and History Museum have reported hearing knocks on the doors, and the sounds of footsteps through the halls. Temperature fluctuations in the building are of the norm, and there are certain areas where an unseen force is almost always felt. Tourists that come to visit the building have reported seeing apparitions and have experienced other paranormal events. Some of these events scared the visitors so much that they ran out of the building shortly after. On a few events, people have actually fainted on the spot of a sighting. It is said that there are at least five apparitions that are seen routinely.

The most famous ghost in the building is that of the spirit of an old lady. Her story is one of the saddest to come out of the history of the lunatic asylum. Her daughter was kidnapped and killed, and following this she went into a deep depression. After a while, she could not deal with the grief and guilt of the fact that her daughter had been killed. Therefore, she jumped out of one of the first floor windows, killing herself on impact. Her apparition is most often seen in a specific room on the first floor. The spirit is also seen walking the halls, perhaps on an eternal walk, looking for an escape from the shell that her life had become.

(Source: Belanger, Jeff. Encyclopedia of Haunted Places. 2005.)

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