Fort Washita

December 22nd, 2008

Fort Washita is located in Durant, Oklahoma and was built in 1842. This fort was once the westernmost fort on the American frontier. It was initially used to keep peace between the Plains Indians and the Native Americans that were traveling down through the Trail of Tears. At the beginning of the Civil War the Union army controlled the site. However, it was abandoned not too long after because they had to protect more important forts.

Following this, the Confederates took over the fort and used it as a major base of operations. Due to this, the site has both a Union and Confederate cemetery on the two sides of the fort. There have been many ghost accounts of dying soldiers, but there is one ghost story that stands out. This story is the legend of Aunt Jane who is the spirit of a headless woman that is known to walk around the old fort. No one knows exactly what her story is, but most believe she was beheaded and robbed of the gold that she carried around. The other story is that she was killed after being found guilty of having an affair at another encampment. Other paranormal events that are experienced include vibrating stairs and the sounds of drums beating in the distance.

(Source: Belanger, Jeff. Encyclopedia of Haunted Places. 2005.)

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