Egypt and Mars

December 16th, 2008

If one were to look at the surface, they would notice that it contains two shapes that look almost identical to the pyramids of Ancient Egypt. There is also the infamousĀ ”face of mars” which is similar to the sphinx. Now what are we to make of these structures being located on Mars and Egypt? What is the connection? Many have speculated that it is possible that many years ago, aliens landed on earth and created these landmarks in order to locate possible landing sites. Even scholars of ancient Egypt agree that the pyramids are a mystery. The mathematical proportions of the pyramids have even stunned mathematicians.

The Ancient Egyptians even mention in their writings, the presence of strange shapes in the sky and unbelievable beings of awesome power. This would make sense of how Egypt became the most sophisticated society of the time. The aliens could have possible shown these people how to build and create landmarks that would stand the test of time. Although this theory is widely panned by historians, with the mystery surrounding these shapes, anything is possible.

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