Death: Unavoidable & Unpredictable

After all the differences that we all may have between each other, we do have one thing in common. We are all going to die one day. It is scary just thinking about it, right? Innocent people die every day, with most of them being preventable. It’s a crazy world. Anyway, I have put together a couple of videos for you to watch about some near-death experiences people have had. Our whole life we have been told of people who have supposedly “met God” or saw the “white light” so I collected a couple for you to watch.

Seems farfetched to you? Many would say so. However, think about it, this guy doesn’t appear to be trying to sell a story, why would he lie? I guess only God knows if he is telling the truth. It is an interesting video to watch though. Here is the next video:

These are only two videos out of the thousands that you can possibly find on the Internet. These seem to be both two completely different depictions of what happens when we die or what happens when we have a near-death experience. The first video, you have a guy saying that he saw Jesus and God and this guy is saying that he is just floating in space. This is the controversy of it all, different stories of what they experienced out of their human body now. Is the second guy making the story up as a form of advertising or telling the truth? Is the first guy making the story up to encourage his religion and profit of some kind or is telling the truth? One question I would like to ask them both is if all their questions have been answered, when they had the experience, why are both their accounts different? How come the second account didn’t mention God at all when the first account did?

What do you think happens to us when we die?

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