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The Road trailer

May 16th, 2009

This is the trailer for the film, The Road.

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What will the Future be like?

May 11th, 2009

Assuming that the prophecies of 2012 does not come true, we as a civilization are in for amazing technological advancements. Think Star Trek or Star Wars. By the year 2200, some scientists predict we will have cars that fly. There will be lanes in the sky where we will be able to drive our cars up to hundreds of miles an hour. Electric boundaries will make sure that the cars stay in the sky without falling.

As for space exploration, this may be our biggest advancement. NASA will have built a base on the Moon and Mars. Humans will be able to travel to these two places for a vacation and space travel will not be as dangerous. Space ships will be much larger and possibly able to travel in minutes to another part of the galaxy. It is possible that the United States military will have special planes that are able to fly around the solar system instead of just in the air.

It might be possible that we will have made contact with other life-forms by this point. Aliens may become commonplace and live among us in peace. Since we have advanced to a new technological highpoint, aliens would see us as no longer inferior and would want to become united in a common purpose with us humans.

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Carl Denham

May 2nd, 2009

Carl Denham is one of the main characters in almost every film version of King Kong. In the 2005 version, he was played by comedian Jack Black. This version changed the character’s story around a little in order to create more entertaining film for the audiences. Denham is a film director in depression-era New York City. After a few mediocre films, the studio decides to back out of his new film project. Denham is determined to not let his film career end.He steals camera equipment and sets sail on a ship with his crew. Through a series of constant lies, Denham is able to make the crew believe they are going to film the movie in Singapore. However, Denham has a map of an uncharted island. Here is where he wants to shoot his picture. The ship manages to get stuck on a rock formation a few miles off-shore of the island. Denham and his crew arrive on the island and are attacked by natives.

Denham also witnesses a large gorilla-looking beast. When one of his actors is kidnapped, Denham and the rest of the group head in to find her. They encounter pre-historic animals and a civilization lost to history. All throughout the search, Denham films as much as he can. He basically is using this kidnapping as a chance for him to get his movie made. After his camera is destroyed, Denham becomes determined to catch the large gorilla. With the help of his crew, they are able to knock the beast unconscious and transport him back to New York City. Carl’s name is cleared and he is back in show business. At his first showing of the beast, the gorilla gets loose and terrorizes New York City. The gorilla climbs the Empire State Building and is killed by airplanes. When the beast hits the ground, Denham is there and he says the famous line “It was beauty killed the beast.”

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X-Men Origins: Wolverine Trailer

May 1st, 2009

Here is the trailer for the film, X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

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Darth Vader

May 1st, 2009

Darth Vader is one of the most well-known cinematic villains. His distinctive breathing and black costume have made him a symbol of fear and evil. In the Star Wars universe, Vader is a Sith lord and the leader of the Galactic Empire. Vader has lead the empire through many campaigns in which thousands of innocent people were utterly murdered. With no remorse, Vader continued to do the will of his master, Emperor Palpatine. With the guidance of the dark side of the force, Vader’s mission is to seek out enemies of the empire and terminate them. Yet Vader’s history wasn’t always so dark. He was once a young Jedi knight named Anakin Skywalker. He was deceived in believing that Palpatine would save Anakin’s wife from dieing. When the inevitable came true, it was too late. Anakin had turned to the dark side and was made into dark-suited figure.

There has been some debate over many Star Wars fans as to whether or not Anakin ever truly became evil. Sure, he killed thousands, but he was deceived. So in one respect, it was not his fault. Anakin felt he was doing the right thing. Think about it, if you had just lost the only person you loved, wouldn’t you think differently about life? Now I’m sure most of you wouldn’t go out and start killing people. But when someone has barely any self-esteem, any person’s advice can be taken as the right advice. Any thoughts on Vader/Anakin?

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