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Angels & Demons Documentary

May 12th, 2009

Interview with Belinda Bentley, Celebrity Psychic

January 10th, 2009

1) When did you first learn you had this special gift?

I found out when I was 15. I was talking with a friend of mine and I could see the home she used to live in before I met her. She told me I had to be psychic. Then she had her boyfriend test me and I told him what he did on a specific day years before I had met him. The color of the car he was in, how many people in the car, the car broke down, and so on and so on. I am thankful they realized it and told me I was. It started me on my path.

2) How did your friends and family respond?

My sister’s response was a mix between. When she was in a good mood, she tried to get a reading from me and bought me tarot cards as a gift and told me to hide it from my mother. Then, when she was in a bad mood and had a bad day she’d call me a witch and say I was a fake. I was used to her moods so it didn’t effect me when she said that. I just kept moving forward. My mom ignored it until she started taking me to psychic fairs and learning more about psychics and astrology and then she begin admitting to her own psychic experiences and defending what I do.

3) What is your view on the afterlife? Do you believe that we all go the same place when we die?

Well, first of all, I don’t believe in Heaven. No deceased person I have talked to has ever mentioned Heaven or Hell and I have been talking to them for 6 years and counting. They speak of levels, if you are sad, angry or upset you get stuck and don’t move forward. You go on pretending your still alive. Happy people or those just here to experience life see their mistakes and learn from them, they grow in understanding, and they come back with messages of love and sometimes move on or come back to live another life. I feel like where they are is still here on Earth just at a different vibration of energy. They are electrical energy moving around.

4) What would have to be your scariest psychic experience so far?

Growing up in a haunted home and seeing ghosts. It freaked me out so bad that between the ages of 5-8 I wouldn’t sleep in my bed. If I woke up in my bed, which was on the top bunk, I would jump down (the stairs were too slow!). I had seen a woman hovering above me with long glowing hair and gown, calling my name. I put the cover over my head and quietly whispered for her to go away. We would hear people in the pool at midnight and no one was in there. Every morning, our back door would be wide open, but we locked it at night before bed. I remember hearing people walk around in the house and my mother putting us all on the couch saying gods name over and over and telling the spirits to leave. It’s terrifying when even your mom is scared.

5) Your services are unique compared to most other psychics’. What do you offer to your clients that many psychics don’t provide?

Everything from psychic readings, tarot readings and mediumship readings, but the most unique and different is that I admit to helping out in the sexual arena! Sex is how we got here and it is why and how we exist today. I don’t believe it is dirty by any means. I help 70 year olds have more fulfilling sex lives and I help people that are dealing with cheating spouses in unique ways as well as helping women discover their sexuality by telling them how they can have an orgasm for the first time. Religion, parents, and our society have people frozen with fears and anxiety so they are sexually disabled. These people tend to live for others and not for themselves.

6) What advice do you give to anyone who is trying to develop their psychic skills?

To develop who you are as a person, my suggestions are Bikram Yoga, Yoga, and other forms of meditative exercises. Read a book such as You Can Heal Your Life, By Louise L. Hay or Ask and It Is Given by Easter and Jerry Hicks. These books help you release the burden of self-doubt and fears that control your life, because to get accurate psychic information, you have to let go of emotional attachment to the situation and you have to be willing to see things you don’t believe in or are not sure of. To do this, you need self acceptance, so you are not weak to negative influences .The last thing is to do what everyone would do first which is take a psychic development class or read a Sylvia Browne book. Take a Reiki class as it opens your third eye. These all begin the process of using your built-in protector which is exactly what being psychic is. It is there to protect and guide you. This is the manual we came with (psychic ability).

7. What are your future plans?

In the future what I want to accomplish is learning as much as I can about everything! Traveling the world and learning about other cultures, learning about the world right in front of me, experiencing as much as I can experience and hopefully helping a few people along the way.

To schedule a reading or to contact Belinda Bentley, visit her website.


Charles Manson Interview

December 29th, 2008

Here is a video of an interview with murderer Charles Manson.

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Lynne D. Kitei, M.D. PHOENIX LIGHTS Interview

November 18th, 2008

What do you make of the military cover-up of this event?

Initially there were only denials from government and military alike pertaining to our statewide anomalous sightings of 3/13/97. Keep in mind that these massive mile to two mile wide phenomena of amber orbs/craft traversed silently at very low altitude throughout the entire state for many hours, beginning at 5 pm to about 2 am. That feat would be utterly impossible for a conventional aircraft, holograph, projection or flares to achieve. And in almost 12 years filled with global warfare, there appears to be nothing remotely similar in our own military arsenal or anyone else’s, for that matter. So what was it?

In addition, the incident took place while thousands were purposely looking up at the sky for a glimpse of the Halle Bopp Comet. Whoever did this obviously wanted to be seen. Some witnessed a silent craft, others just lights. Most watched it travel at very low altitude at about 30 mph, while others saw it take off at tremendous speed. Some saw 3 lights, others 5, 7 or 9 lights. Some saw a boomerang, while others saw a V or arrow-shape. Whether there was a parade of several phenomena or one that could morph into different formations we may never know. But one thing is certain – every person who saw them ‘knew’ that the Phoenix Lights phenomena were not of this world.

Also need to point out that according to an alleged Luke AF crewman who phoned in a detailed report to the UFO Reporting Center about 3am the next morning, military jets were sent out to intercept the huge object during the mass sighting, as it hovered over 7th Avenue and Indian School Road at approximately 8:20 pm. As the jets approached, it blinked out of sight, freaking one of the pilots, who was subsequently carried out of his plane by the Luke AF crewman because he was so shaken up by it.

It wasn’t until June 18, 1997 when a front page USA Today article opened our historic event up to international scrutiny that things changed quickly. We were deluged by media from all over the world. After they spoke with witnesses, whose descriptions were so detailed and heartfelt, they too were asking why there wasn’t an investigation or explanation for the awesome statewide event.

Enter former Gov. Fife Symington, who called a press conference to announce the ‘culprit’ and proceeded to march out one of his Aides in an alien costume. His mockery offended many of the witnesses who knew that what they experienced was unearthly – and not a joke.

One month later the military came out with their ‘flare’ announcement as the solution to the entire mass sighting. After years of asking for a re-enactment, by former Vice Mayor, Frances Emma Barwood and hundreds of witnesses, they finally announced a staged deployment to show everyone the Phoenix Lights days before the 3rd anniversary. Their lame attempt was a dismal failure and confirmed more than ever that what the witnesses saw on March 13, 1997 was definitely NOT flares.

Shortly after the 10th anniversary of our still unexplained sighting, Symington came forward publicly to say that he actually saw the event. Not only does his confirmatory announcement vindicate others who witnessed the phenomena, but his personal admission was an integral step forward in the disclosure process. I, for one, am grateful that he has lent credence to what happened throughout our state.

It is also important to mention that other countries [including France, UK, Brazil, Belgium, Mexico and others] are coming forward with thousands of their UFO files to say they are real, unexplained and need further scientific study. There are native indigenous cultures right here in the states who embrace the reality of “other intelligences” and believe these beings are visiting Earth to give them knowledge and protection.

For some reason – whether greed, control or fear of panic – our government and military have not been as forthcoming. Guess they have a job to do.

Where you ever threatened if you released information?

Many who came forward were nailed to the wall by the media, including witnesses, investigators and even former Vice Mayor and Councilwoman, Frances Emma Barwood [the only elected official who publicly asked for an investigation]. Not all, but some of the media were brutal, making a mockery of the sighting and anyone who came forward to talk about it. I was very content to remain anonymous – for seven years – doing my own meticulous research and information gathering.

Even though I had been seeing and documenting these strange phenomena on film before and during the mass sighting, I knew nothing about this topic. And then one week after the statewide event I found out that these anomalous sightings were occurring globally and that other countries, as well as indigenous cultures right here in the states, believe that these phenomena are not from our world. I ended up pushing my entire medical career aside and remained anonymous for seven years while searching for a logical source and meaning of the Phoenix Lights. What I found was so compelling, profound and life-altering that in good conscious I couldn’t stick what I discovered and continued to document on film in a drawer. I compiled a 750 page journal, that as a scientist and educator, I inevitably felt obliged to share. After all, I have dedicated my life’s work for over 30 years to community education of the reality of vital health issues. How could I not share the reality of THIS vital issue?

When Hampton Roads published my book, in March 2004, I was taken aback by the warm reception and appreciation of my work. I also felt it was imperative to produce a comprehensive visual rendition and left a plum job as the Clinical Director of the Imaging & Wellness Center at the Arizona Heart Institute to produce, write and direct the internationally award winning Phoenix Lights Documentary. Ironically, I have been producing video/workbook curricula worldwide for over 25 years. My AIDS, Teen Pregnancy, and Substance Abuse prevention education programs are currently being distributed by Discovery Education. So I felt it important to do the same for the Phoenix Lights.

There have been some staunch skeptics and debunkers who still promote an ‘earthly’ explanation, but all and all I have been blessed with appreciation, rather than harassment. The most rewarding thing, save the educational element, is that others finally feel it is okay to talk about this controversial topic – and even their own experiences – without feeling threatened or ridiculed. That’s very healing, in and of itself.

Where were you when this event occurred?

My physician husband and I live mountainside in Paradise Valley, AZ. One wall of our bedroom is a window, so we enjoy a city skyline view and are very familiar with what planes, helicopters, blimps, car lights, street lights, balloons and flares look like. All of our Phoenix Lights sightings have been from our home. To this day, what we witnessed and photographed on numerous occasions, including during the now historic AZ mass sighting of March 13, 1997 when over 10,000 people saw what we saw, cannot be explained or denied.

Were any other members of your family involved in this incident?

Both my husband and son have witnessed the Phoenix Lights, but my husband was the only family member with me during the mass sighting. Without any prior interest or knowledge of the topic – at all – our first introduction to these anomalous phenomena was literally and figuratively outside our bedroom window during my birthday eve, February 6, 1995. What a gift!

Together, we witnessed three oval shaped amber orbs, roughly 3-6 feet each, about 100 yards from our home. I call them an orb because the light did not extend outside the edge, totally self contained. They were so unusual, while hovering about 50-75 feet above a private, gated residence a little below us that I tried to take everything in [ie. the size, shape, color, distance, etc.]. The sight was awesome and most curious. I didn’t know we had this advanced technology here on Earth – especially three separate oval balls of light that could hover very closely in a rock solid pyramid formation for some time. Fortunately, I quickly grabbed a 35mm camera and documented the event on film, confirming that something totally unusual – and real – had occurred. I must add that when each orb disappeared in place, it felt as if they were still there even though we could no longer see them. Did they fade into another dimension perhaps?

We didn’t witness anything remotely similar to these mysterious orbs until January 22, 1997, about two months before the AZ statewide incident. Even though these huge balls of light were in a equidistant line array and at a distance, I noted that they were strangely similar to what we had witnessed and photographed in 1995. As they disappeared, they seemed to implode from the outside inwards. As a scientist I felt compelled to document them on film.

A sampling of my unique photographic collection of these unexplained phenomena is posted on the Phoenix Lights Network

Should mention that on the second night, January 23, 1997, not only did I capture six photos of a mile wide object or objects head-on and then turning into a V shape, but the experience was so unnerving that I called around the next morning and found air traffic controllers at Sky Harbor International Airport who saw the same thing at the same time. In their words they described “six points of light that seemed to be attached to something”. But even with high powered binoculars they couldn’t see what they were attached to. Interestingly, the phenomena did not show up on radar. In addition, they were about 1000 feet altitude, totally silent and in restricted Class B airspace. When I asked these professional sky watchers what the lights were – they had no clue!

We kept in contact and I continued to witness and photograph the Phoenix Lights prior to and during the AZ mass statewide event, when I captured the stunning signature video of the three corner lights of a giant triangle hovering over Phoenix. My sighting was again confirmed the next morning by ATCs as the same phenomena as January 1997, in the same Class B airspace and did not show up on radar. They insisted that they definitely were not flares or any conventional aircraft.

Both my husband and I have continued to witness and document the Phoenix Lights, including daylight photos and the dramatic photo on our Documentary DVD cover, captured one month after 9/11.

Did you witness any extraterrestrial beings?

Not that I am aware, although I did witness three giant, hooded beings of light above the Earth during my childhood Near Death Experience. I’ll let your audience enjoy that adventure described in detail in my book, The Phoenix Lights…A Skeptic’s Discovery That We Are Not Alone.

Why do you think that some people do not care about this event?

Each of us comes from a different background, a different up bringing, a different belief system. It will take some longer than others for this new reality to sink it – if at all. There are certainly those who can’t deal with it or who don’t want to – and that’s okay. Every one in their own time. All I say is that if you are interested in learning more and educating yourself about the real facts, there are plenty of resources. I for one, tried to do the homework for anyone open to it, in a simple and comprehensive way. Now it’s their choice to take a look at it – or not.

Change in human consciousness & deep-rooted beliefs takes time. It took 17 centuries, and the advent of the microscope, for human beings to realize that there are zillions of tiny living entities called microbes all around us, even in our bodies. Some are beneficial, some pathogens. We’ve learned to deal with them. And just because we can’t see them or radio ways or electro-magnetic energy, it doesn’t mean they are not real. We may just be looking on the AM dial for an FM frequency.

And so it seems – we do not yet have the technology to definitively define what these things are. But that doesn’t mean they are not real.

J. Allen Hynek, Northwestern University Astronomy Department Chairman, was also the scientific advisor to the only public study of UFOs, Project Blue Book and coined the phrase, “close encounters”. He also stated, “Science happens in threes. First there is complete disbelief, then people say, ‘well, it might be so’, and lastly, ‘I knew that all the time’!” I do think we are coming closer and closer to this last phase.

How did the military immediately respond to this occurrence?

The immediate response was denial that anything special had occurred at all. In fact, they insisted for months that all military planes were down early that evening.

To follow up, I diligently contacted all military bases throughout the state. To my surprise, the top ranking people I spoke with were just as curious as the rest of us and more interested in seeing my photographic evidence than giving an explanation for it. If anyone is interested in reading more, I included several of those intriguing conversations in my book.

Have you witnessed any UFOs since?

Please check out the PHOTO PAGE on our Phoenix Lights Network website Besides the additional sightings footage in the Phoenix Lights Documentary, you can inspect a sampling of Phoenix Lights photographs I took on 35 mm film prior to and after our historic mass sighting of 1997.

I was also told – over and over again – that no one else has ever captured these anomalous phenomena on both 35mm and video from the same vantage point prior to, during, and after an historic mass sighting. What do you do with that?

By the way, the footage does not do the lights justice. Even though the formations are compelling, the lights appear much smaller, white, and flicker in the video – quite different from the true unknowns which are huge amber balls of light that seem to be attached to something or with a strong field in between, intelligently guided. Just take a peek at Tom King’s footage. The data speaks for itself.

On the other hand, 35mm film is one of the best mediums to document these phenomena, because the photos can be examined much more intricately than video footage or even digital.

Is there any way that this whole event could be a hoax?


Have any major changes happened in your life that could be attributed to the event?

Besides pushing my entire medical career aside for over four years after the mass sighting to find a logical source and meaning for the Phoenix Lights, I also gave up a wonderful position as Director of the Arizona Heart Institute’s Imaging & Wellness Center to finish the Documentary. I haven’t looked back and continue my dedication to educating the public about the reality of vital issues, including these unexplained phenomena.

I do believe that disclosure will come when human consciousness is ready for it. Raising awareness of the topic is one of the reasons I came forward after seven years of anonymity and a major factor for my work as a founding member of Phoenix Lights 3. I have recently joined with researcher and Ordained Minister, Dr. Rebecca Hardcastle, Ph.D. [who coined the phrase "exoconsciousness"] and Terry Mansfield, Phoenix Lights witness & CEO of the AZ Dept. of Peace Campaign, in a groundbreaking, grass roots effort to help educate and prepare the public in a non-threatening manner.

Just as these anomalous phenomena are touching one person at a time, in a gentle and caring way, I hope our heartfelt endeavor will do the same.

With the help of web developer and former Smithsonian contributor, Larry Lowe, the Phoenix Lights Network [] is evolving to fit this new paradigm and is quickly becoming a clearinghouse for similar sightings worldwide.

Do you believe these extraterrestrial beings were peaceful or hostile?

When my husband first saw the pyramid formation of three orbs hovering right outside our bedroom window he was startled and puzzled. When he called me over and we both watch in awe, I knew immediately that this was important. And as we’ve seen…it is.

When I stepped out onto the balcony to capture the two bottom orbs on film there was an eerie silence, as if time had stopped. As intently as I was looking at the objects, it seemed that something was looking at me, watching. And going through my mind was “who are you, what are you, do you know I’m here, I’d love to meet you”. Trust that you don’t think about those questions when you’re looking at anything conventional.

But I have to state for the record, that at no time were we afraid or frightened. Quite the contrary – for us, as well as thousands of other witnesses of the Phoenix Lights phenomena. I am not saying that everything ‘out there’ is unquestionably benevolent. But it is important to note that in almost 12 years since the mass sighting, there has not been ONE report of harm, threat or abduction associated with the Phoenix Lights. That, in and of itself, is telling.

Please let me finish by sharing that I have never personally stated ‘what’ they are…only ‘that’ they are – and that it is time the topic of anomalous phenomena was out in the open: addressed, accepted and studied, so we can move forward in our own evolution.

The message is clear … we are not alone.

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Abductions Video

November 16th, 2008