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Five Best Science Fiction Films

June 8th, 2009

This is a list of what many people consider to be the best science fiction films of all time.

1. 2001: A Space Oddysey – This film was released in 1968 by filmmaker Stanley Kubrick. As well as being a great space adventure film, it brings up evolutionary and philosophical questions.

2. A Clockwork Orange – This film was banned in Britain for the longest time because it was considered too gruesome to be viewed by an audience. It was also thought that it would insight crime. However, the film is essentially about the human mind and what it is capable of doing.

3. Children Of Men – Based on the book by P.D. James, this film won world-wide appraise for its vision of the future. It shows the year 2019, as a year where society has collapsed due to no more children being born. As far-fetched as this film may be, it shows what might happen to us humans when society no longer functions.

4. The Island – This summer-action film from Michael Bay, was not only a fun film, but an interesting one. It spoke about the dangers of cloning humans and the possible repercussions of our actions. It shows how being human is a privilege not to be taken lightly.

5. Fahrenheit 451 – This film has become a cult classic since it is rarely known by people of than the science-fiction community. It tells of a world where books are burned and humans are obsessed with television and technology. The film shows how we should always be aware of the real world, and not focused on just our own lives.

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Did Jesus really live?

June 8th, 2009

Aside from the bible and bits of writing from a few individuals, we have no physical proof that the Jesus of the Bible exists. Christians dismiss this theory because his body ascended up to heaven. But I ask, if this man was such an amazing teacher and a great human, wouldn’t he leave something behind to show us he was here? Wasn’t he a carpenter? Surely he built something. Yet, no viable physical evidence exists to support the claim that Jesus of Nazareth was ever here on this earth.

Jesus is very much a figure-like King Arthur. Similarly, both of these men had an effect on many people. But over the years, legend has taken place over facts. Things that did not happen were attributed to these people to make them look better than they were. I am not saying that Jesus did not exist. I am simply here asking for a piece of evidence. Decide for yourself.

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If Aliens made contact

June 8th, 2009

Imagine one day, you are outside playing baseball, or mowing the lawn when all of a sudden the ground begins to shake. You look up in the sky and there is this huge spacecraft drifting among the clouds. Your initial reaction would be panic. Are we being invaded? Is this the end of the world? Assuming the aliens are not hostile, the first thing that would happen would be that governments would tell all of their citizens to stay in their homes. Militaries across the world would arm, ready to fight against a possible hostile enemy.

In my opinion, the next step would be that humans would want to bring forth one person to speak to the aliens. This would probably be a religious figure. Most likely the pope. He is a peaceful man, and it is historically proven that popes are very influential with words. Assuming they don’t abduct him, we may become friends with the aliens. There will still be idiots out there who will want to blow up the spacecraft. And if this happens, forget peace with these creatures. They would see us for the savages we are and rid us from the earth. And rightly so.

This is a possibility for what might happen in the year 2012. Any thoughts?

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Revelation about Aliens

May 31st, 2009

For more than sixty years, the urban legend that governments across the world are covering up evidence about UFOs has been getting more and more attention. Is there any truth to it? Former Astronaut Edgar Mitchell recently was interviewed by multiple news organizations. He mentioned that the Roswell incident was a cover-up by the United States Government and that aliens truly are real. As usual, the American media basically laughed at the factors and just decided to forget the story. They would rather makeĀ  up fabrications about former President Bush. Why is it that no one in the major fields of media or government is taking interest in this phenomenon?

We have many facts to back up the argument. Even the ancient Egyptians and Greeks believed and wrote about beings from other worlds. Even the Bible mentions them! You would think all the Evangelical Christians would want that shown to all since they love the Bible so much. But the fact remains that people are basically ignorant. They like to just buy stuff and worry about mundane things rather than consider the fact that we are not alone in the universe.

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Dreaming in Space

May 31st, 2009

This is a concept that has not really been talked about in science fiction. Imagine if you will, a huge spaceship, floating among the stars. Inside the ship are thousands of humans, asleep in hibernation. They are on a journey to another planet. While they are sleeping, they are hooked up to a virtual reality machine that simulates a life on earth. Seems far-fetched, right? Not really. Think about it. The first humans will be going to Mars in the next hundred years. The only way a human could survive the long journey would be through constant hibernation. The body is frozen into position and the heart slows down. The humans would be awakened when the ship has reached its destination.

So we know that this whole idea is plausible. But lets go back to what I was talking about with the entire human population. Suppose that by the end of the 22nd century, Earth has become a wasteland. Nothing will grow and there is no hope for the future. In response to this crisis, space agencies of the world come together and form a huge ship that will transport the human population to another side of the galaxy. While they are on the journey, they are unaware they are on a ship because they are in sleep hibernation. In this hibernation state, they are living out their life as if they were still on earth.

Seem possible?

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