Aberglasney House

October 12th, 2008

photo taken from flickr.com

The Aberglasney House is located in Camarthenshire, Aberglasney in the United Kingdom. The house is partially hidden by trees, which gives it that thrilling appearance once you gaze upon it. In 1603, in the Blue Room of the house, six young women were found in their beds. The cause of these deaths would be because of the refurbishment the house was going under at the time including the lime plaster mortar or a blocked chimney which would cause carbon monoxide poisoning.

This Blue Room is said to be the most haunted place in the house and has been quite a terrifying one. In the 1930s when no one had been living at the home, a man had climbed up to remove the excess ivy from the house and saw Victorian-dressed women staring out the window looking at him. From beyond, many have seen flickering lights and candles being floated away. The house gives tours every day of the year except for Christmas. To learn more information and even tour dates and times, I posted a link to the house’s official site for more information.

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