March 26th, 2009

This is a creature that stems from Zulu mythology. They are said to be tiny humans that hide beneath a blade of glass and able to ride ants. It is said that they live a nomadic lifestyle and legend has it that if you come in contact with an Abatwa, you will be asked a question like “From where did you first see me?”. You must then respond saying that you saw them from a mountain or some area far away because they are very sensitive about their size. If you fail to answer the question correctly, they will kill you with poison arrows. If you step on one of them by accident, it is considered a death sentence. These creatures are said to be very shy and will only tolerate being seen by children, pregnant women, and magicians.

It is said that if a seven-month pregnant woman comes into contact with a male Abatwa, she will give birth to a boy. The Abatwa is said to of come from the nature spirit Vash’Nok whose tears had fallen and burst.

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